Plan features LIC Kanyadan

 Plan features LIC Kanyadan

Plan LIC Kanyadan is the ideal plan for securing the lives of our daughters. It is bounded to limit the premium and provide support and security for girls to maintain their future education and plan their wedding. Our initiative is to help and support financially the family to manage the cost of our daughters fulfill their dreams. This is the perfect gift for our daughter and a big help to the families by providing financial assistance key to the future of our children' is better and well-being.

What is the plan of LIC Kanyadan?

This plan is the plan one by one to the future welfare of your daughter. This helps set the cost for your daughter, support her education and marriage better by investing in the fund less the premium.

What are the benefits of the plan KIC Kanyadan?

Securing the future of a daughter is just a list of the main expectations for parents. Here LIC to carry a Policy of Kanyadan to benefit our daughter and ourselves to give financial freedom to support her education, marriage, and another milestone. The advantage of this plan is:

This is the plan of a spider. the best payment term premium is limited.

Premium paying term of three years less than the term of the policy

Flexible Mode of paying the premium

In the case of the death of a policyholder before maturity, 10% of the basic amount of rest assured will be given on each anniversary of the policy before the date of maturity.

Provides Rs. 10 lakh in case of death of the police

Provide relief premium in case of death of the policyholder before the maturity of the policy

Are there any tax benefits to the Lic Kanyadan?

Under the tax exemption laws of India, it is the policy tax-free. There are two tax benefits to offer: First, the tax benefits of Rs. 1.50.000 under 80 C can be used to pay the premium, and secondly, under section 10( 10D), Sum maturity is also tax-free.

Who can buy this plan?

The policy can be purchased by the father of the girls and not his own daughter. The age of the daughter should be at least one year at the time of buying the policy of the fathers.

What is the age to buy a plan LIC Kanyadan?

The minimum age to buy a policy is 18 years and the maximum age up to which the policy can be drawn is 50 years.

What is the period of the locking of the KIC Kanyadan?

Period locking policy is available from 13 to 25 years.

What documents are needed to buy the plan of LIC Kanyadan?

The following documents are required

Age, Address, and proof of identity

Proof Of Income

Card Aadhar

Passport size photo

Proposal Form

The birth certificate of the girl child

Cheque or Demand Draft of the first premium

Can I avail the benefits of the plan of Kanyadan?

Yes, You can borrow a loan if Your policy is active and has paid the premium for three consecutive years.

Is there an exception in this plan?

Any additional benefits or the claim can not be taken if the police commits suicide within 12 months of buying the policy.

What is the frequency of premium payment?

Premiums can be paid monthly, quarter-yearly, or annually depending on Your suitability.

If this policy is available to the citizens of NRI?

Yes, the plan is available for Indian citizens as well as citizens of the NRI.

Is there any benefit to surrender to the plan of KIC Kanyadan?

Yes, there is an option to surrender the policy after paying premiums for at least three years. The value of self-surrender is the value of the premium total except for the profit drivers.