Mesothelioma Compensation - Compensation for Victims

 The extent and cause of mesothelioma trial ultricies claimed by asbestos depends on several factors, which include medical confirm a diagnosis of mesothelioma claims and the severity of the injuries and damages to the previous age. 

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By law more than 25 year history of our firm, our mesothelioma lawyers claimed that one hundred thousand dollars in asbestos and mesothelioma complaints from our clients. 

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Barden Tours Douglas et al. v. Johnson & Johnson ( "J & J") and Johnson & Johnson Consumer, Inc. ( "JJCI")


Luke's attorney Moshe Maimon and co-attorney approved the verdict of $ 750 million in punitive damages four consolidated, New Jersey peritoneal mesothelioma cases for trial. The judges of the resolution that was shared between them after the will of acting that are not Johnson & Johnson has been passed about the rights of the plaintiffs, in mesothelioma due to asbestos in a baby developed to consist of four them that ask him of dust. Manage. 

Punitive damages are divided, so that the sanctions of the subsidiary against the J J & a soldier, as a similar happen in every case the fault of the death of the forewarning for themselves in the future.

Barden Tours Douglas et al. v. Johnson & Johnson ( "J & J") and Johnson & Johnson Consumer, Inc. ( "JJCI")


Luke's attorney Moshe Maimon and co-attorney to $ 37.3 million awarded by the New Jersey case with peritoneal mesothelioma cases four children. 

Johnson baby powder contained asbestos jury found in the talc and asbestos exposure, all four of these talc-based products such as the four candidates that did develop mesothelioma.

Donna and Robert Cicero v. Johnson & Johnson ( "J & J") and Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. ( "JJCI")


A New York jury awarded the sum of $ 325 million to plaintiffs Donna and Robert Cicero, represented by attorney Jerome, Luke Block. 

The jury awarded $ 25 million in losses Ms Cicero's mesothelioma asbestos exposure through the use of Johnson & Johnson baby powder and a shower gel. The jury also awarded $ 300 million in punitive damages to punish J & J subsidiary JJCI.